Hair Regrowth Helmet & Cap & Hat Device

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Latest Revolutionary Design: Use 650nm Soft Light & LED for hair loss treatment,treating alopecia, receding hairline, balding & thinning hair to stimulate hair regrowth.This is low level lazer-therapy device,compared with traditional treatment of hair loss, this solution has more powerful, more convenient, painless, non-invasive effect.

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Cleared For Men & Women,Old & Young You can grow thicker, fuller, and healthier hair fast with clinical-strength hair restoration technology. You can use it on its own or combine it with other hair loss treatments; physicians believe low level lazer-therapy (LLLT) can be used to enhance the results of other hair loss treatments.

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Hands-Free & Easy To Use With a clear timer display,You can start,pause and resume your session whenever,Lightweight ergonomic design makes it more comfortable to wear;Intelligent integrated degisn,intelligent adjustment of the light mode.Built-in intelligent infrared sensor light,the product will stop working when it is not worn on the head .

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Fast & Safety Treatments Use it every 20-25 minutes/every other day,keep using 16 weeks;then use it according to your own situation.(Remember,hair growth need time, please be patient.)

100% Risk-Free purchase We offer 180 days money-back guarantee and 1 Year quality warranty, Users can expect to see visible hair improvement in as little as 3 to 6 months (results may vary). If you don’t see results with our products after 6 months, send it back for a FULL REFUND.

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Product Description


1.Made of high quality material, durable, environment-friendly and harmless.

2.Can provide a number of benefits to stimulate hair growth by developing a business that increases blood circulation in your scalp.

3.It increases the blood flow to scalp and flying follicles, stimulates micro-circulation, cellular and improves protein synthesis.

4.Hair follicles return to their normal healthy state after being exposed to our special treatment.

5.It is one of the best options to make sure you get faster results and more powerful light treatments that your scalp needs for slowing down hair loss or even stopping it all together.

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6.Painless, non-invasive, no side effects, easy to operate.

Who Is It For?

1.Anyone who wants to grow thicker, fuller, and healthier-looking hair.

2.Anyone who is willing to invest the time to be consistent with the every other day treatments to regrow his/her hair back.

3.Anyone who is using other hair growth products and wants to achieve better results.

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Who Is It Not For?

1.Anyone who is looking for an instant solution to grow back hair overnight (remember: this process takes time and patience).

2.Anyone who is bald or has been bald for years (this is often a sign that the follicles are no longer alive).

3.Anyone who not willing to invest time & effort in regrowing his/her hair.

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How to use:

1.This machine is suitable for wet or dry hair, use this machine after washing hair for a better effect.

2.Adjust the size of the helmet to fit your head, wear it, then, connect the power by the USB cable, it will be working automatically.

3.Wear it three or four times a week if you want. Maximum 20-25 minutes each time.

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